SEASSR Vol. 4, No. 1 (Jan-June 2019)


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1. Prelims.

2. Syed Farid Alatas – Southern Theory, Decoloniality and Autonomous Social Science. [Pages 5-29]
3. Sity Daud & Norrizan Abdul Hamid – Challenges of Nation – building towards the Formation of Bangsa Malaysia. [Pages 30-47]
4. Tabitha Ng – The Influence of Chinese Cultural Values on Young People’s Perception of Marriage in Hong Kong, China. [Pages 48-70]
5. Baso Iwang – Penglibatan Komuniti dalam Perusahaan Sutera Di Tiga Kabupaten (Wajo, Enrekang dan Soppeng), Provinsi Sulawesi Selatan, Indonesia. [Pages 71-98]

6. Tan Raan Hann – Nusantara Beckons – In Conversations with Emeritus Professor Dr. Hans-Dieter Evers: The Doyen of Southeast Asian Studies. [Pages 99-127]

7. Heng Siam-Heng – Challenges for Southeast Asian Intellectuals in the 21st Century. [Pages 128-131]
8. Statement by the Malaysian Social Science Association – ‘Malaysia Baharu’ (New Malaysia) and the Reform Agenda Must Remain on Track. [Pages 132-134]

9. Haezreena Begum Abdul Hamid – Sex Trafficking in Malaysia. [Pages 135-151]

10. Mustafa K Anuar – Pemerkauman Isu Pilihan Raya dalam Akhbar Arus Perdana Berbahasa Inggeris di Malaysia by Chai Ming Hock. [Pages 152-155]
11. Soon Chuan Yean – Southeast Asia: Beyond Borders and Boundaries, edited by Samuel C.Y. Ku and Herlin Chien. [Pages 156-161]

12. Contributors. [Pages 162-164]

13. Guide to Contributors. [Pages 165-169]

Alatas, Syed Farid, PhD, is a professor of sociology at the Department of Sociology at the National University of Singapore where he also teaches at the Department of Malay Studies. His latest book, with Vineeta Sinha, is Sociological Theory Beyond the Canon (London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017). One of his earlier books is, Ibn Khaldun (Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2013). Email:

Baso Iwang, PhD, teaches economics at the Faculty of Islamic Economics & Business, Universitas Islam Negeri (UIN), Alauddin, Makassar, Sulawesi Selatan, Indonesia. Email:

Haezreena Begum Abdul Hamid, LLM (International Human Rights Law) – an Advocate and Solicitor in the High Court of Malaya – is currently doing her PhD in Criminology at Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand. Her doctoral thesis, due for submission in June, 2019, revolves around the victim-agent dichotomy of trafficked women and the condition of state protection for trafficked victims in Malaysia. Email:

Michael H. S. Heng, PhD., is a retired professor who has held academic appointments in Australia, the Netherlands, and at six universities in Asia. His research is in e-business, supply chain, IT management, globalization, financial crisis, nation building, and postmodernism. Besides writing academic journal papers, he has published five books and numerous op-ed articles in newspapers. One of his well-known books, The Great Recession: History, Ideology, Hubris and Nemesis, was published in 2010 by World Scientific, Singapore. Email:

Mustafa K. Anuar, PhD, is a retired senior academic in communication studies at a local public university in Malaysia. A prolific writer, he is now working as a senior journalist with an online newspaper. Email:

Ng Yin-ling, Tabitha, PhD, is currently Assistant Professor at the Department of Social Work of Hong Kong Shue Yan University. Her research interests focus on parent-child relationship, youth development, family care-givers, multi-generational family issues, bereavement and grief, spirituality and mindfulness. Two of her recent books are: Fourteen Lessons on How to Live Happier – Integration of Positive Psychology into Daily Practice (2017; 2nd ed.); and Unloading Sorrows: A Manual for Helpers and Self-help (2016; 3rd ed.), both published by China Alliance Press, Hong Kong. Email:

Norrizan Abdul Majid, PhD, received her doctral degree in 2018 from the School of History, Politics and Strategic Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. Having recently retired as a government servant, with her last secondment being at the Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water Malaysia, Dr. Norrizan is now honing her skills as an agroentrepreneur. Email:

Sity Daud, PhD, is an Associate Professor in political economy at the School of History, Politics and Strategic Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. She has published many journal articles and conference papers. Her book, Human Security and Peace in Archipelagic Southeast Asia (jointly authored with Zarina Othman & Rashila Ramli, 2015), was published by UKM Press. Email:

Soon Chuan Yean, PhD, is a senior lecturer at the School of Social Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang. He obtained his BA and MA in political science at the National University of Singapore, and PhD in Southeast Asian studies at the same university. His research interests are on the political dynamics between culture, arts and religion. Email:

Tan Raan Hann, PhD, is a research fellow at the Institute of Malaysian and International Studies (IKMAS), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, and an associate researcher at the Centre for Research in Anthropology (CRIA), Portugal. She received her Ph.D. in anthropology from ISCTE-IUL (Portugal) in 2016. Prior to that, she obtained her BA in languages and linguistics from the University of Malaya, and then went on a scholarship from the European Union to study and obtain a triple-diploma MA from three universities: University of Sheffield (UK), Université de Perpignan (France), and the Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Portugal). Her book, Orang Tugu: The Malayo-Portuguese Creaole Community in Indonesia, based on her doctoral dissertation, is expected to be released by UKM Press in the second half of 2019. Email:

Chief Editor: Abdul Rahman Embong
Editors: Mohd Hazim Shah; Rashila Ramli; Zawawi Ibrahim; Zaharom Nain; Sity Daud; Lai Suat Yan; Tham Siew Yean; Chin Yee Whah; Ahmad Fauzi Abdul Hamid
Associate Editors: Wan Melati Puspa; Suseela Devi; Hew Wai Weng; Fadzilah Puteh; Sharifah Shahirah
Editorial Assistant: Mohd Azwan Abd Rahman
  • Hans-Dieter Evers (University of Bonn, Germany)
  • Michael Burawoy (University of California at Berkeley, US)
  • Shamsul A.B. (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malaysia)
  • Anthony Milner (Australian National University)
  • Jomo K.S. (Malaysia)
  • Terry V. King (University of Leeds, UK)
  • Syed Farid Alattas (National University of Singapore)
  • Surichai Wungaeo (University of Chulalongkorn, Thailand)

Southern theory, decolonial social science, autonomous social science, alternative discourses, Western knowledge, nation-building, plural society, Bangsa Malaysia, ethnic identity, national consciousness, young people, prolonged adolescence, family life cycle model, parenthood, family development theory, silk industry, community participation, silk village, cultural icon, partnership model, sex trafficking, trafficking harms, state protection, women’s agency, victims

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