Manuscript Submission


  • English or Malay.

Status of manuscript

  • Must be original piece of work.


  • Name(s) & affiliation of the author(s), contact and email addresses, & short biographical note should be stated.

Manuscript Length

  • Articles (6000-8000 words).
  • Book reviews (1000-2000 words).
  • Research notes (4000-5000 words).
  • Conference reports (1500-2500 words).
  • Communications (<1000 words).
  • Think pieces/commentaries (4000-5000 words).


For Articles & Research Notes only

  • Abstract: 200 words & five key words.
  • Articles in Malay must have abstracts in both Malay and English.


  • Sources for data, ideas, quotes, etc. must be made transparent and properly cited.
  • Acknowledge source of funding (if any).
  • No plagiarism.

Format and House Style

Chicago Manual of Style with minor modifications.

  • All illustrations, such as tables, figures, charts and graphs, should be serially numbered and appropriately labelled, and provided on separate pages from the text. Please indicate clearly in the text where the illustrations should appear.
  • Use author-date system for references by denoting the name(s) of author(s) with the year of publication in parenthesis in the text and the list of references provided at the end of the paper. See examples:

Author-date citation in text:.
(Wang 2005)
(Zawawi 2012: 165-200)
(Tomayo et al. 2012)

References: Books (authored, edited) and Book Chapters

Berger, Peter L. 1963. Invitation to Sociology: A Humanistic Perspective. London: Penguin

Lombard, Denys. 2012. The Concept of Space and Time in the Southeast Asia Archipelago. In Geoffrey Wade & Tana Li (eds.), Anthony Reid and the Study of Southeast Asian Past. Singapore: ISEAS.

Schottenhammer, Anglea & Roderich Ptak (eds.). 2009. The Perspectives of Maritime Space in Traditional Chinese Sources. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz.Verlag.

Dotzler, R.J. R. Koppel. 1999. What Sociologists Do and Where They Do It: The NSF Survey on Sociologists’ Work Activities and Workplaces. Journal of Clinical and Applied Sociology 1(1): 71-83.

Mishkova, Diana. 2010. Scale and Cognition in Historical Constructions of Space. Historein 10: 93-105.

  • Reference list should be included at the end of the manuscript arranged in alphabetical order.
  • All references cited in the text must be complete and appear in the reference list.
  • Contributors must ensure the accuracy of all information in the references and ensure consistency of style throughout the manuscript.
  • Footnotes maybe used but only when very necessary, and should appear at the end of the manuscript.


  • The contributor must not infringe any copyright laws, and must indemnify the editors and publisher against any copyright infringement.
  • It is the responsibility of the contributor to obtain permission to use copyrighted material and provide such evidence upon submitting the manuscript.

Review Process and Proof-reading

  • Blind review process.
  • Contributor should revise based on reviewers’ comments
  • Authors should proof read manuscripts accepted for publication.

Editorial Right & Responsibility

Editorial Board of SEASSR reserves the right to make the final decision on the status of the manuscript with regard to publication.

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