Publication Ethics for Editors

All Editors of SEASSR should be guided by the following ethics:

    1. Act in a professional and objective manner in keeping with publication convention, guided by policies of the Editorial Board.
    2. Ensure the article submitted follow the publication ethics and house style of the journal, that it falls within the journal’s scope.
    3. Ensure to prioritise works that have important impact to journal readers and to the corpus of knowledge.
    4. Ensure the peer review process and procedure is conducted in a fair, appropriate, transparent, and timely manner. The reviewer selected should be on the basis of subject matter  expertise and willingness to review. Additional opinions will be asked only if necessary.
    5. Ensure there is no conflict of interest within the process of selection and publication. In case of conflict of interest or bias, immediate steps must be taken by appointing another reviewer.
    6. Ensure all materials submitted and communications with reviewers are confidential, unless agreed by the authors and/or reviewers.
    7. Ensure at all times the integrity and reputation of the journal is upheld.
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